Value Added Solutions

value added solutions

Value Added Solution

Although iPublish is a multi-lingual translation agency, we aim to provide holistic solutions that meet all your publishing needs. Therefore in addition to translation and localisation, iPublish provides a suite of services that adds further value by complementing your publishing needs.

content generation


Communicating with your target audience can be challenging at times, which is why we provide intuitive copywriting services that help convert your thoughts and ideas into structured and informative formats.



While clear and concise information is crucial, it works even better when delivered in a professional and presentable manner. Our designing services include graphic retouching, illustration as well as online and print design for more effective marketing.


DTP (Desktop Publishing)

For projects that require small changes for better presentation, we provide DTP services that help improve both layout and presentation. Clients can also utilise our DTP services to obtain information in specific formats, like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.



We provide both digital and offset printing services for your publishing needs. Whether it is a simple business card or an elaborate, large format 3D banner, rest assured that we’ll get it done.



If you require visuals to complement your content, our photography services are at your disposal. We provide photography for all occasions, from corporate events and product launches to marketing and publish relations campaigns.

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